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Lakers News: Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell, and Julius Randle look like they had a blast hosting the ‘Jason Bourne’ movie premiere

I’m just going to assume Ingram and Zubac weren’t old enough to see this movie.

A major factor in determining how successful the Los Angeles Lakers’ rebuild can ultimately be will be the chemistry between the core players involved. If the players like each other, they’ll be more likely to push one another harder and enjoy putting in the work to be great more than they would if they didn’t like spending time together.

While it’s hard to assume that’s on the right track based on one Instagram post, Jordan Clarkson shared a photo of himself hosting the ‘Jason Bourne’ movie premiere with Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell on Thursday, and the three young players certainly appeared to be having a pretty good time together.

One could almost say that fans might look back upon this picture in a few years and say that it was from the night the Lakers’ championship dreams were...

/puts on sunglasses/


Okay, that was terrible, but here’s the picture if you didn’t smash your computer upon reading that awful pun.

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