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Lakers News: Clippers reportedly mulling a move away from Staples Center

Staples Center could get a little more space within the next decade or so.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Since 1999, the Los Angeles Lakers have shared their NBA home, Staples Center, with the Los Angeles Clippers. It appears that “hallway rivalry” could gain a little distance, according to Kevin Arnovitz and Marc Stein of ESPN, who reported on Wednesday that the team has “begun to investigate potential new arena sites in L.A.”

Arnovitz reports that the Clippers are interested in Westside, but also notes that their lease agreement with Staples Center runs through 2024.

How this would affect the Lakers, if it affects them very much at all, is not immediately clear. Other than the Clippers covering up the Lakers’ banners when they play their home games, there isn’t a ton of overlap between the two teams despite their proximity.

One aspect that could be affected, however, is making it easier for the NBA schedulers when trying to determine both team’s schedules if they no longer play in the same building. This could lead to fewer back-to-backs or shorter road trips in some cases for both teams as the NBA makes an increased effort to alleviate their schedule of both.

Update: Arnovitz noted the Clippers’ possible motivations for a move on Twitter:

Plus, Arnovitz revealed that the Clippers are essentially seen as a “third tenant” at Staples Center, additional motivation to move to a place where they would receive priority:

The Clippers receives a smaller share of proceeds from suites and club seats than the Lakers and Kings, according to sources, and a lesser say in scheduling and the overall fan experience at the arena.

In 2015, Ballmer told the Los Angeles Times, "We're third guy in, we have third choice in dates. If you are a good businessman, you don't come to the end of your lease and say, 'I have no options, landlord, please take me to the woodshed and beat me.' We'll have options."

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