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Will Smith makes Triangle joke in new 'Suicide Squad' trailer

Silver Screen and Roll managed to obtain other lines that didn’t make the cut.

He may be team president of the New York Knicks now, but Phil Jackson won the five most recent of his eleven rings as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

One of Jackson's greatest strengths as a head coach, and part of what made him known as "the Zen Master" was his ability to motivate his players by remaining cool under pressure. When other teams went on runs against the Lakers, instead of panicking, Jackson would remain calm and let his team figure it out.

Jackson was additionally phenomenal at dealing with unique personalities. From Dennis Rodman to Ron Artest/Metta World Peace, Jackson new the necessity of having a little crazy on your roster.

These skills combined made him one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, but as Will Smith points out in the latest "Suicide Squad" trailer, it also would've made him the perfect leader for that band of misfits:

Here’s just Smith’s line, in gif form, because everyone needs that:

Since Smith's character has been in prison, we'll forgive him for not being up to date on the Lakers' latest head coaches. Here's some lines he might have had that didn't make the trailer.

Will Smith, on how Mike Brown would've motivated to the Suicide Squad:

"Chik-Fil-A, b***h."

On what Bernie Bickerstaff could've done with their roster:

"Undefeated, b***h."

On how Mike D'Antoni could've helped:

"The powers find energy, b***h."

On the advice Byron Scott would've had for the team:

"Man up, b***h."

On the affect Luke Walton could have on them:

"I enjoy our new positive culture, b***h."

Man, who knew Will Smith/Deadshot was such a big Lakers fan?

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