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DeMarcus Cousins says the Lakers were his favorite team growing up so he's obviously being traded to Los Angeles


It seems like for the last few years, every few weeks features a new rumor about DeMarcus Cousins' unhappiness with the Sacramento Kings, some reputable, some less so. Or, if the report isn't about that, it's the latest update on the Kings' willingness to trade their franchises best player since Chris Webber.

Still, no move has been made yet, and most reporting has suggested the team wants to keep the man known as Boogie at least until they open their new arena next year. With that being said, there were reports heading into the 2015 NBA draft that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Kings were discussing a trade featuring Cousins that ultimately never came to fruition.

Judging by one of Cousins' latest tweets on Thursday, the kid inside him might not have minded suiting up in the purple and gold. Does it mean anything? Take a look and decide for yourself.

This probably doesn't mean anything, but let's all overreact anyway. #COUSINSTOTHELAKERSCONFIRMED

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