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Lakers Offseason: Kobe Bryant is spending his retirement watching Game of Thrones

Living the dream, really.

News: The ESPY Awards-Red Carpet Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty much everyone who gives HBO’s “Game of Thrones” a chance becomes almost instantaneously addicted. The show is a must for anyone who enjoys binge-watching, and now that he has some more time on his hands, Kobe Bryant has decided to give it a shot. Well, maybe a little more than a shot:

Literally the only possible outcome from has to be Kobe coming out of retirement. The (in)famously cutthroat competitor probably can’t help but be inspired by the literally cutthroat competitors for the Iron Throne.

(******SPOILER ALERT******)

If you really think about it, the Red Wedding and Kobe’s 81-point game are basically the same thing. Some competitors from the North came into his house and he racked up one of the highest body counts ever seen in the history of basketball. Pour one out for Robb Stark/Jalen Rose.

(******END OF SPOILERS******)

So Kobe is definitely coming back, right?

Oh, okay. Never mind then. Keep enjoying your retirement, Kobe of House Bryant, Father of Mambas, Breaker of Dwights, and King of the Lakers.

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