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Lakers News: Brandon Ingram is still growing and the rest of the NBA should be terrified

This might start to be an unfair advantage at some point.

Brandon Ingram’s terrific measurables were a large factor in why he was (and continues to be) such a tantalizing prospect. The lanky small forward measured in at the 2015 Hoop Summit at 6’9 and a half with a ridiculous 7’3 wingspan.

Those features, combined with his handle and smooth shot (the last two games of summer league aside) bring about visions of a two-way terror that can bother the NBA on both ends for the next 10-15 years.

As if that didn’t sound scary enough for the rest of the NBA, Brandon Ingram’s mother told Baxter Holmes of ESPN that doctors are saying her son isn’t done growing (Update: we now have the exact quote, courtesy of Baxter's excellent feature on Ingram from Tuesday morning).

"[His coaches] said he's not finished growing, so his body hasn't had a chance to catch up with him," Ingram's mother, Joann, told Holmes. "I would've thought he was finished, but they said they think he has another inch or two in him."

This probably shouldn’t come as a shock, given Ingram’s youth, but it is still great news for Lakers fans who just watched Ingram’s skyscraping release allow him to draw nine free throws against the Golden State Warriors in the Lakers’ third win of Summer League.

If the extra length doesn’t come with a decrease in coordination, Ingram’s potential as a player might be even greater than many thought.

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