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D’Angelo Russell says he ‘played like s**t’ after hitting game winning shot for Lakers

Some bad words to describe a good ending.


D’Angelo Russell was unquestionably the hero of the Los Angeles’ Lakers thrilling second-half comeback win against the Philadelphia 76ers. The sophomore’s sweet-jumper rang true, and he let the crowd now about the ice coursing through his veins after the game.

But while Russell may have been fired up about his game-winner, he need 20 shots to get 22 points, and was also a bit sloppy with six turnovers. This reality wasn’t lost on the Lakers’ young point guard, and he let the NBA’s national television audience know he was less than impressed with his overall performance on Saturday night.

Russell wasn’t the only one using naughty words to describe his performance, though. Jordan Clarkson was also watching the shot, and he gave his followers on Snapchat a view of what it looked like from courtside, as well as his unfiltered diagnosis on his teammate’s ice-related medical condition:

It’s only been two summer league games, but this young Lakers team looks like it’s going to be fun. Even if they play like s**t sometimes.

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