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Lakers' 'top target' Hassan Whiteside is a D'Angelo Russell fan

Potential teammates seem to be getting off on the right foot.

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Before I start, let me first begin by saying we're reaching that time of year where editors encourage their writers to produce plausible rumors for the sole purpose of hoping to get aggregated. I'm not saying mission accomplished here, but I'm also not not saying it. With that out of the way...

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the Lakers are intent upon signing away the Miami Heat's Hassan Whiteside. Here's how he puts it:

The narrative around Whiteside has been that he'd like to stay in Miami. He's comfortable there, has had success there and they can pay him the most money of any team in the league. Assuming that's the offer from the HEAT, there is a better than average chance he signs a new deal. If the HEAT try to play games, sources close to the situation say Whiteside will go shopping.

There is a sense that Whiteside is one of the top names on the Lakers' wish list of free agents, with the Celtics also interested. The problem with trying to peg either as having some edge over the other neglects that Whiteside could be the most obtainable free agent in the class and likely gets a lot of interest beyond those two suitors.

In fairness, it's hard to disagree with the report. Whiteside makes a ton of sense for the Lakers, who are in dire need of a rim protector and partner in the pick and roll with D'Angelo Russell. The interest is obviously coming from a place inarguable logic, my only issue is we're all waiting for the first time anyone has really put there foot on what the Lakers are trying to do, despite countless efforts.

Speaking of Russell, Whiteside is apparently a fan and has been for a little while.

Free agency is in a few weeks, so get ready for an endless supply of rumors and reports such as this, from all over the place.

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