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Klay Thompson says Warriors are better than Showtime Lakers

You win a title and go up 2-0 in a second NBA Finals and all of a sudden you start talking smack to your dad...

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Klay Thompson has a right to be feeling confident in the Golden State Warriors. The team just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in lopsided fashion for the second consecutive time to take a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, and Thompson has had a dominating postseason. Thompson's 24.8 points per game are tied for team high in the playoffs and, while his per-game statistics haven't been quite as gaudy against Cleveland, the threat of his shooting has the Cavaliers chasing their own tails and closing out at ghosts.

All of this success have understandably left Thompson feeling himself. Who wouldn't be confident when it looks like they are about to roll to a second consecutive title?

But if the reason for his confidence made sense, Thompson may have went a step too far in choosing the target of his postgame trash talk, because everyone knows you don't mess with two people: your dad, and whoever controls your money. Well, everyone but Klay Thompson, apparently:

Hopefully it's not too late for Thompson to let his father, Showtime Laker Mychal Thompson, know he said this with tongue planted firmly in cheek. If it is, he may find his allowance cut when he's trying to celebrate winning the championship. Why? Because Klay Thompson's dad still controls his allowance (from a 2013 interview transcribed by Tom Read of Believe the Hype NBA):

The 23-year-old doesn't have access to his money, all cheques are paid to Mychal & Julie who take care of his accounts for him to make sure Klay's financial situation is set up for his post NBA career.

So, naturally, Papa Thompson's going to teach Klay a lesson of his own by fining him personally also, however, Klay will find out the old fashioned way.

"He will [find out he's been fined by us] when he sees that cash envelope show up a little short this week," he said.

That's cold. Sounds like Klay may find his envelope a little light this week too.

Baxter Holmes of ESPN has the full context of the quotes here.

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