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Lakers Free Agent Rumors: Hassan Whiteside does not plan to meet with Los Angeles

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hassan Whiteside does not currently have a meeting scheduled with the Los Angeles LakersAccording to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald "Whiteside has received interest from a bunch of teams, but to this point, he has agreed to meet with only two besides Miami: Dallas and Portland."

Now it's unknown if Whiteside will later reconsider and meet with the Lakers eventually, but if he doesn't, it would be a blow to the front office, who reportedly wanted to "aggressively pursue" the free agent big man.

The Lakers were always going to be in a tough position to pitch top free agents this summer because, despite their loads of cap space and promising young core, the team is coming off of a season in which they won just 17-games.

If they whiff on Whiteside, the Lakers would be wise to pursue supplementary free agents to compliment their young core and allow them to shine. Even if they don't make a playoff run or win a ton of games, signs the team is moving in the right direction could be huge for the Lakers' pitch next offseason.