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Iggy Azalea says Nick Young cheating led to the end of their engagement

Azalea provided more details on why she broke things off their engagement on Twitter Thursday morning.

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Probably the lowest point of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 17-win season was when a video of Nick Young admitting to infidelity (recorded by D’Angelo Russell) became public and led to the isolation of Russell in the locker room. This event, arguably as much as any poor play, helped lead to the perception of a failed rookie year for Russell.

All over social media, people called Russell a “snitch” (check his Instagram comments sometime), or said he broke the “bro code,” or other such unwritten rules.

Did Russell make a huge mistake? Absolutely. Secretly recording people without their consent is no laughing matter, and actually against the law in California, a two-party consent state. It was an incredibly immature and impulsive move made by a 19-year old, and one he has said multiple times he regrets and wishes he could take back.

It seems unlikely such contrition will ever lead to a reconciliation between him and Young, who the Lakers will likely trade or waive using the stretch provision this summer, but it also appears that the way some blamed him for the end of Young and Azalea's engagement may have been a bit premature.

Azalea took to Twitter on Thursday morning and made it clear to the world that while Young being caught on camera led to her calling of their impending nuptials, it wasn't Russell's camera that led to the end:

I think a lot of Lakers fans are tired of this story. I know I’m certainly tired of writing about the private lives of several people who happen to be involved with the Lakers.

Still, it's important for this stuff to get out there as part of the record for those who continue to blame Russell for the end of Young and Azalea's engagement. His mistake was regrettable and dumb, but Russell wasn't the one who cheated. He wasn't the one who did it in the house he shared with his fiancee and got caught by their security cameras.

That was all Nick Young, who has no one to blame but himself.

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