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Someone made the best Byron Scott tribute video of all-time

2014-2016 in eleven minutes of greatness.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

"Man up."


"Fox hole."

All of these phrases and more will be forever etched into the lore of the Los Angeles Lakers, memories passed down from generation to generation of fans of the team in remembrance of arguably the darkest period in team history.

Any reader of this site knew without even clicking the links that the above quotes were uttered than none other than former Lakers head coach Byron Scott during his time at the helm of the purple and gold, a two-year span in which the team had their worst two records of all-time in back-to-back years while watching their young players get thrown under the bus on a weekly basis.

One enterprising internet hero decided to commemorate that period with this hilarious eleven-minute video, essentially a morbid "previously on" segment for any Lakers fans just checking back in to the team now that there is some optimism again. You don't want to miss it, and pour one out for the tank commander:

From Jeremy Lin being told not to foul in a must-foul situation, to some of the worst game and quarter ending plays of all-time, all intermixed with some of the beloved coach's top quotes, the whole thing is an amazing bit of therapy for fans forced to endure the last two years.

May a similar video for Luke Walton be 20 years away and come after he leads the team to 10 titles.

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