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Lakers draft news: Mitch Kupchak says there is 'no ceiling' on Brandon Ingram's potential

Los Angeles' GM is thrilled with their newest and youngest player.

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The Los Angeles Lakers' choice of Duke forward Brandon Ingram with the second overall pick was not exactly shocking. Following the pick, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak made it pretty clear that the choice was as unsurprising for the front office as it was for those following the team.

"This is what we expected," Kupchak told the assembled media. "We are ecstatic to have him."

Ingram's selection wasn't a pleasant surprise, but it was pleasant, and Kupchak's glowing review of his team's selection made it evident why the Lakers' preference for Ingram was such a poorly kept secret.

"Despite the fact we're losing an icon we've had for 20 years, this is a new era going forward," said Kupchak. However, despite such high praise, Kupchak also says he knows his new rookie has a lot of work to do to reach his full potential. A big part of that will involve adding weight to his lithe frame:

Kupchak is willing to personally help Ingram get some fuel when he gets to Los Angeles and begins his quest to bulk up:

Kupchak also confirmed that befitting a prospect he's so high on, there was a lot of interest in trading for the pick the team used to acquire Ingram. The Lakers ignored it though, because no one offered enough:

Peaking their interest sounds like it would have required a huge offer, because Kupchak believes Ingram's potential is limitless:

Ingram's upside and potential adds even more of those two qualities to a young Lakers core already brimming with them. If he fits as seamlessly alongside his new teammates as most predict, then there is no ceiling on the Lakers' future, either.

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