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D'Angelo Russell has a simple response to Lil B cursing him: a poop emoji

"The Based God" is not going to like this.

One of the dumbest, yet also hilarious, stories ever covered on this blog is the ongoing "will they or won't they" non-feud/feud between Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell and rapper/person who curses NBA players Lil B.

Some background for those who have avoided this story: Lil B, who calls himself "the Based God" originally said he might put a curse on Russell for filming video of teammate Nick Young admitting to infidelity that later leaked and became public (Young's fiancee, rapper Iggy Azalea, has since broken off their engagement.)

Lil B later said Russell was spared the curse, but changed his mind again during an appearance on ESPN's Sportsnation in which he said Russell was now "cursed" like Kevin Durant, the original NBA player Lil B cursed to not win a title.

Response from Lakers fans was swift and overwhelming, and Lil B retracted his curse again in a display of indecision rarely seen outside of Dwight Howard's trips to candy stores.

Russell had mostly remained above the fray, until now. In a segment for Draft Kingswith his good friend Karl-Anthony Towns, Russell let everyone know his thoughts on "the Based God" when asked to describe him using emojis.

"He cursed me," said Russell before giving Lil B a thumbs down and poop emoji, a sentence I never expected to type when entering my journalism program. When the rapper sees this the curse may be back on, at least until a bunch of Lakers fans in his mentions make Lil B change his mind again.

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