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Mitch Kupchak told D'Angelo Russell not to worry about trade rumors

This won't stop people from going after the major headlines, but it should at least make them look a little dumber for doing so.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Dear everyone apparently trying to look ridiculous as we head into the draft: Stop trying to create trade rumors around D'Angelo Russell. Just stop. You look stupid. You might get clicks, retweets or likes; or you might even get aggregated onto blogs hoping to similarly benefit from your saying stupid things. But to anyone who's paid any attention to stuff coming from trustworthy voices around the Lakers, you sound, well, stupid.

Last year, it was Brian Getzeiler, who famously misspelled "D'Angelo", launching all kinds of other national media members whose job it is to spell players' names correctly publicly shaming themselves by spelling it "DeAngelo". Russell wasn't traded then, nor did we hear anything that sounded like he came remotely close to being dealt.

Just last week, it was Chad Ford offering his opinion on the matter, which is completely fine. It's a hilariously ill-informed opinion that absolutely shouldn't have been run with as it was, but here we are. Some blogs (including a few that should really know better) then mislead readers immensely with their headline, claiming the Lakers are "open" to trading Russell, which, as you'll read in a second, is not the case.

Literally minutes ago, Fran Fraschilla offered his opinion in similar fashion, which will undoubtedly inspire a handful of articles from around the internet placing Russell God knows where around the NBA.

All these things have one thing in common: None of these guys have ever broken a story about the Lakers. Not even Adrian Wojnarowski had the Lakers taking Russell until the pick was basically in. Look back at moves the Lakers have made. Have any of them been publicly reported until the deal in question was basically finalized? Nope.

After Luke Walton was introduced in a formal press conference, Russell spoke about what it's like to be the center of speculation as often as he is. Serena Winters of Lakers Nation grabbed the quote:

This should, in all intents and purposes, end this baseless speculation at times framed as reporting, but it won't. The attention is apparently too hard to turn down.

Again, look at the people who most often make this claim that Russell will get traded. Colin Cowherd, the guys mentioned above and other national media types more comfortable with lackadaisical reporting as their above the fray anyway. Once you hear stuff from local guys (Bill Oram, Baxter Holmes, Mike Bresnahan and the list goes on), then you can start taking it seriously.

The Lakers aren't as reportedly frustrated with Russell as those spewing this nonsense would like you to believe. If anything, they're probably pretty frustrated with the continued questions about his maturity despite his being the most mature person involved with the backlash of record-gate.

For now, we'll just have to grin and bear those annoyingly loud-voiced loft this idea out there. Until any of them gets literally anything right about the Lakers, they'll continue to sound, well, stupid.

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