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Lakers offseason news: D'Angelo Russell and Larry Nance, Jr. are working out at the Lakers' practice facility

More evidence Los Angeles' young players are hard at work.

The Los Angeles Lakers' younger players haven't been resting on their laurels after the worst season in franchise history. Throughout the summer they have been all over social media posting evidence of their attempts at making offseason improvements, giving fans an inside look at how the team's young core is growing.

Jordan Clarkson was working out during the NBA Finals. D'Angelo Russell has said he's hitting the gym "every day," and that he wouldn't have gone on his promotional trip to China if he "couldn't get the time in the gym." Larry Nance, Jr. is working on stretching his shooting range out to the three-point line and has said the Lakers' young players need to make these improvements so the team can attract free agents.

The latter two of those three players were right back in the Lakers' practice facility on Monday, working on their games as their summer development continues, as captured by the Lakers' Vine account:

Russell's dribble looks nice, and Nance, Jr. is working on his jump hook, but this seems to be fairly standard stuff. What could prove to be important is the consistency and frequency with which the young team is spending their offseason getting ready for the regular one.

The Lakers' young players have also learned the most important rule of the NBA offseason: if you work out, make sure you put some documentation of it on social media.

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