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Lakers offseason news: D'Angelo Russell shows off more impressive dribbling drills

Sweet ball-handling from the sophomore guard on display in China.

When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted D'Angelo Russell, some were skeptical about what position he would ultimately play. The Lakers were steadfast that he would ultimately be their point guard of the future, and the decision looks mostly solid so far. Russell's exceptional floor vision did not translate into a ton of assists last season, but the rookie did have a few mind-boggling ones in rare moments when he was allowed to play in space and his teammates were able to make a shot.

One area where Russell did appear to need improvement at times (if he truly hopes to be the Lakers' lead guard going forward) was with his handle. It's a critique he's been addressing this offseason, sometimes even posting videos of his intricate practice routines with his personal trainer. Russell hasn't slacked on that work during his trip to China this week, and he shared a video of his latest work on his Instagram account on Wednesday:

He also did dribble at least part of his trek across the Great Wall of China on the previous day:

These are just small videos that could mean nothing, but Russell's seeming emphasis on keeping his handle low and tight should have trainers across the league preparing some ankle tape for their point guards. Just in case.

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