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Lakers offseason news: Jordan Clarkson was working out during the NBA Finals

Los Angeles' young guard may actually be living in the gym at this point.

How did you spend one of the greatest Sunday nights for television in recent history?

Maybe you were watching the penultimate episode of the current season of Game of Thrones? Among this blog's readers, it's more likely you were watching an unforgettable game seven of the 2016 NBA Finals, in which LeBron James and Kyrie Irving powered the Cleveland Cavaliers to the first ever comeback from a 3-1 Finals deficit and broke the city's seemingly endless championship drought.

If you're Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson, well first of all thanks for reading. You have a lot of choices in sites covering the Lakers, so I appreciate the viewership.

Secondly, you weren't doing any of those aforementioned things. You were in a place that has basically been your second home since the 2014 pre-draft process, a gym, where you were continuing your attempts to improve your game and come back as a better player next season.

Clarkson posted a quick photo of his Sunday night workout on Twitter with a handy timestamp to show that instead of watching the NBA Finals, he was trying to build himself to the level where he could play in the series one day:

If Clarkson's frequent gym trips result in further improvements from the second round steal, he'll be worth every penny of the substantial pay raise the Lakers are set to give him this summer, even if an NBA Finals trip of his own is likely still a ways off.

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