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Lakers draft news: Ben Simmons says fans shouldn't worry about his jump shot

And no, it's not because Philadelphia will likely take him and make it a moot point for Los Angeles.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

LSU forward Ben Simmons is basically the perfect draft prospect. A 6'9 19-year old who already boasts the floor vision of a point guard and possesses the athleticism to suggest he could one day become a plus defender, there are very few holes in Simmons candidacy to be considered the best player in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Simmons' game is not totally without warts, however. The freshman phenom's jumper is a work in progress, and while video of his pre-draft process would point towards it not being as unfixable of an issue as some would suggest, it is the primary concern of those who favor Brandon Ingram's fit with the current Los Angeles Lakers squad due to his shooting ability.

That theoretical fit won't matter if things go as expected and the Philadelphia 76ers take Simmons with the first overall pick in the draft, but Simmons told Chris Broussard of ESPN that fans shouldn't be concerned about his jumper anyway(h/t Kyle Neubeck of our friends over at Liberty Ballers for the transcription):

Broussard: Your jump shot, what do you say to those who say 'well, he's got to learn to shoot better'?

Simmons: There's nothing to say, I averaged 20.

Say what you will about Simmons' shot, but the kid certainly doesn't lack for confidence. That will certainly be a necessary personality trait for the rookie wherever he ends up next season, because both the Sixers and the Lakers project to be far from playoff contention.

Although... If Simmons jump shot really isn't an issue at all then maybe he really is the perfect prospect, the type that can change those projections sooner rather than later.

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