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Lakers Draft Rumors: team has 'shown interest' in Kris Dunn

Los Angeles continues to do their due diligence on prospects, no matter how unlikely they are to choose them.

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The Los Angeles Lakers are among several teams to have "shown interest" in Kris Dunn, according to Chad Ford of ESPN (h/t Corey Hansford of Lakers Nation). Ford reports that the "Sixers, Celtics, Wolves, Pelicans and Kings" have all shown interest in the point guard out of Providence, but  that his sources say Dunn is "refusing to do 1-on-none workouts with teams" and "will only workout for teams if it's against Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or Jamal Murray."

Such a strategy makes sense on Dunn's part. Either he doesn't work out, or he gets an opportunity to show he's better than the players projected ahead of him. If he can't beat them, then at least his stock won't fall further for the experience.

Dunn is a good prospect, but with all due respect, the Lakers are probably "showing interest" in him the same way most would "show interest" in someone bringing them In N Out burger while they already had their choice between a plate of lobster and another plate of filet mignon sitting right in front of them. Sure, that new option sounds fine, but the choices already there are vastly more appealing.

The Lakers actually selecting Dunn without either trading down or some type of catastrophic injury happening to one of the top-two prospects is so unlikely it trends into the realm of draft day fanfiction, but we've reached peak silly season for coverage of the event. Just a little more than a week to go until we find out who the Lakers will actually pick on June 23rd.

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