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Lakers draft rumors: Bryan Colangelo says 76ers change their mind 'every day' on who they want to pick first overall

The men running NBA teams are having the same debates over who they should pick in the draft that fans are.

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When evaluating the 2016 NBA Draft, most would agree there are two players at the top. On one hand is LSU freshman Ben Simmons, and on the other is another freshman phenom, Duke forward Brandon Ingram.

However, it seems like the consensus on which one is the better prospect for the two teams at the top, the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers, changes with the direction the wind is blowing. Should the teams value the shooting and seamless fit of Ingram more? Or should they go with the higher upside selection of Simmons?

The Los Angeles Lakers themselves are reportedly telling agents around the league they have yet to decide who they'll take second overall, which makes sense considering they don't know for sure which players will be available.
The Lakers aren't alone in this indecisiveness, as Philadelphia 76ers president Bryan Colangelo told ESPN that their team's choice with the first oveall pick isn't set in stone yet, either (emphasis mine):
"Brandon is everything we thought he was. Obviously in a one-on-none workout you aren't going to learn everything about a player, but that is why we scouted a lot of basketball games, watched a lot of tape," Colangelo said. "He is a versatile forward that was handle the ball, shoot the ball ... he is a silky-smooth small forward."

Could Ingram actually jump Simmons, who likely won't be making a trip to Philadelphia, for the No. 1 pick?

"It changes every day," Colangelo said.

Just like it makes sense that the Lakers aren't even revealing privately to those around the league who they'll take, Colangelo has no reason to tip his hand on which player the Sixer will select. Why make other teams' jobs easier, or lock themselves into a pick publicly when they could change their mind for various reasons over the next week? There is no benefit to such a commitment.

All reports point towards the Sixers internally favoring Simmons, but no one outside of Philadelphia's management team will have any certainty on who is going first overall until the pick is made on draft day, something to keep in mind as the rumor mill hits full churn over the final week before the draft. June 23rd can't get here soon enough.

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