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Paul George named his adorable puppy after Kobe Bryant


After an illustrious 20-year career, Kobe Bryant's fingerprints are all over the basketball history books, but his five championships, countless scoring binges, unforgettable final game, and much more have left an indelible imprint on the culture surrounding the game as well.

Since Bryant entered the league over 14,000 children have been named after him, according to the Vertical, with more than 4,300 children being named for him from 2000-2002 alone. Of course, children weren't the only things people were naming after Bryant. He has his own style of beef named for him (Editor's Note, Kobe is actually named after Kobe beef, not the other way around) and an Atlanta Zoo named an actual Black Mamba after him in honor of his retirement.

Indiana Pacers forward and Southern California native Paul George got in on the naming-things-after-Kobe fun on Tuesday when he named his adorable new dog "Kobe", which he announced in a post on Instagram:

And here's a gif of the puppy if that video doesn't work for you:

Look at George's daughter try and lock up that dog in a hug. In the fashion of his namesake, little Kobe busted out the head fake and went the other way. Puppy Kobe has some serious moves. Maybe the Lakers should sign him and make a sequel to "Air Bud" on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet this year.

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