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Lakers draft rumors: front office 'not guaranteeing' who they will take second overall

Would Los Angeles really pass on Brandon Ingram? No, probably not.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Almost ever since the outcome of the 2016 NBA Draft lottery determined the Los Angeles Lakers would select second overall, the consensus opinion and most current reporting have both been that the team will draft Brandon Ingram after the Philadelphia 76ers take Ben Simmons. Reports still suggest that the Sixers will take the LSU forward with their top pick even though he doesn't plan to work out for either team, but while some say there is no chance the Lakers let Ingram slip past them, the team is reportedly saying they aren't quite as locked into the second overall pick as most think.

Ingram worked out for the Lakers on Thursday, and while he said the session went "well," the team still plans to work out several other prospects and they are reportedly saying they haven't 100 percent decided to take the Duke freshman, even if it would seem like all but a formality. Instead, the Lakers are evidently telling agents they will keep an open mind as they wait for June 23rd:

That the Lakers would tell agents this stuff is not exactly surprising, because of course the Lakers are going to tell agents whose clients they are trying to bring in for workouts they are keeping an open mind. What are they supposed to say?

"Yeah, uh, we definitely aren't taking your guy, but do you want to bring him in anyways so we can get information on him for the future as we do our due dilligenc?"


"Hello? Are you still there? Hello?"

Somehow, that seems like it would get fewer guys in the gym.

This is not a report that the Lakers won't take Brandon Ingram. It's a report that they aren't telling people they are guaranteed to do so, which are two very different things. All signs still point to very little surprise from the purple and gold on draft day.

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