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Time Warner lets Miller go, has no plans to bring on Scott

The TV network has no plans to man up in the foreseeable future.

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Lakers Twitter: rejoice. Two of the more frustrating voices from the two most-frustrating seasons in Los Angeles Lakers history are no longer going to be heard as associated directly with the team. "Coach" Dave Miller has been let go by Time Warner and, according to Tom Hoffarth of Inside SoCal's sources, the network doesn't sound intent upon bringing Byron Scott onto the set anytime soon, either.

The Miller news isn't all that shocking. On the surface, the channel might be intent upon distancing itself from recent failures. Did he have anything to do with it? Not directly, no. But Miller's sole connection to the franchise was that he once worked for Byron. Once Scott was let go and that connection was no longer, the channel had a reason to make a change, and James Worthy isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

If I was to read a little deeper (and this is pure speculation), Miller tended to echo Byron's sentiments regarding the young core throughout the season. Basically, if Scott said anything after a game, Miller was hopping right on the narrative. Scott's coaching decisions were also beyond reproach during post-game shows, even if they often hurt the kids' development. The Lakers might have passed along a little note to TWC that it was time to lend more support to the future of the franchise.

Here's how Hoffarth put it in his article:

Sources say the move with Miller is more of a "going in a different direction" move that does not, at this time, involve any sort of thought that former Lakers coach Byron Scott could return to the Lakers pre- and post-game show role he once had.

That Byron won't have a role moving forward is intriguing. Again, the obvious reasoning is probably that there might be a conflict of interest to have the recently fired coach have the opportunity to sling criticisms (as he did in his stupid media tour after getting canned) at the kids that he might believe cost him his job.

If I was to read between the lines, however, that aforementioned media tour might have actually hurt his chances at this gig. Byron, never the public relations expert, didn't exactly beat around the bush in regards to his time as coach and the reasons behind his firing. You can't do that kind of thing and hope to remain in your former employer's good graces.

Lastly, the phrase from the article was TWC's desire to go in a different direction. Luke Walton is bringing a more advanced system predicated on some analytical understanding. So, the need for a voice at least willing to take those numbers into consideration might have pressed the network into wanting that kind of voice.

The move regarding Miller and the lack thereof concerning Byron are certainly interesting and, frankly, exciting as the organization and its channel welcome basketball's evolution.

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