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Nick Young isn't a fan of passing or Golden State Warriors fans

Clarification that the "P" in Swaggy-P doesn't stand for "pass."

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Whether or not they would beat the Shaq-Kobe or Showtime Lakers is a question for another day, but there is no disputing that the current Golden State Warriors are basically a perfect basketball team in 2016. Stephen Curry and company set a new best regular season record of all-time, losing just nine times in 82 games with a blend of passing so perfect it could only be created by a telepathic mind-melding of players and shooting that is as magical and beautiful as it is deadly.

With the Warriors on the verge of a repeat as NBA champions, it's hard to find a person that doesn't love watching their style of basketball. Hard, but not impossible.

Nick Young joined that small grouping with a few tweets during the Warriors' game four win, although he seemed to be saying that he thought it was LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were passing a little too much for his taste:

Honestly, given who it comes from, this could have just been a scheduled tweet that had nothing to do with the game, but the response to it forced Young to (seemingly) clarify his prior tweet:

I guess that didn't satisfy the people tweeting at him, because then Young fired off this tweet:

Well then. Young's spirits did brighten later in the game, when the Cavs started to play the type of "hero ball" that would make Swaggy-P(roud):

LeBron James' takeover fell short, which evidently made Young sad:

Maybe LeBron shouldn't have gotten tats on his right arm and saved it strictly for buckets, because he'll need to make a lot more if he want's Young to be able to tweet "Happy!" after the Cavaliers play in game five in Oakland on Monday.

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