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Lakers news: Anthony Brown starts offseason workouts

More of the team's young players are headed back to the gym.

Anthony Brown's Twitter feed

Los Angeles Lakers' rookie Anthony Brown's debut season was a mixed bag. After the team selected him with the 34th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, most projected the Southern California native as having prototypical "three-and-D" wing player potential. With those players becoming more valuable and expensive with each passing year, if Brown panned out it would be a heck of a return on a second round pick.

Brown fulfilled the "D" half of that equation, but excelled less at the "three" part. The rookie has already flashed potential to be an elite defender in his 29 games, with the team's defense looking far better every time Brown replaced Kobe Bryant in the starting lineup.

The Lakers were over seven points better on defense with Brown in the lineup than in the minutes he sat, according to, but were only marginally worse on offense in his minutes on the bench, despite the fact that he was often replacing one of the least efficient players in the NBA.

One reason for that was Brown's excellent college three-point shooting from college (40.3 percent over five seasons at Stanford) did not translate to the pros, where he shot just 28.6 percent from behind the arc. To his credit, Brown is not resting on his laurels and is already back in the gym working to improve.

While Brown didn't reveal what specifically he worked on, one would imagine at least some of his summer sessions will hinge on developing a consistent stroke from NBA range. If Brown can do it, then the Lakers could have themselves a solid wing contributor for years to come, and another second round draft steal for a front office with a strong record for finding late talent.

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