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Golden State's Chris DeMarco rumored to follow Luke Walton to Lakers

ESPN's Ethan Strauss thinks Chris DeMarco (center) will be heading to Los Angeles with their new head coach

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In an episode of the "The Lowe Post" podcast Wednesday, ESPN's Ethan Strauss reported some possible news on the formation of new Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton's coaching staff.

"I assume Chris DeMarco, who's his [Walton's] guy in Golden State, is coming down to L.A," said Strauss. "That would be my assumption, even if nobody's told me that officially."

DeMarco is currently a player development coach for the Warriors. He is in his fourth season with the team, and has graduated from video intern to assistant video coordinator and then advanced scout before taking the bench this year.

Steve Kerr has given a great deal of credit to his assistants throughout his two seasons in Golden State. Alvin Gentry and now Walton have been rewarded with head coaching jobs of their own, but Kerr has also been quick to praise fellow assistants DeMarco, Theo Robertson and Nick U'Ren. U'Ren most famously drew accolades for initially suggesting that the Warriors start Andre Iguodala in the NBA Finals, eventually turning the tide of the series.

As rumors fly about who Walton will fill out his staff with, it seems reasonable that the future Laker head coach would pick at least one person from his current stable of co-workers. Strauss noted that given Walton's youth, he doesn't have a long list of people he can call upon to be assistant coaches, so Kerr and the Warriors may be more inclined to let him steal from the Golden State to help Walton get off to a good start. As a result, it might be time for Laker fans to start getting acquainted with DeMarco's work.

You can listen to the whole conversation between Strauss and Zach Lowe here, and they get started talking about the Lakers at about the 32-minute mark.

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