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Buy our new LUUUKE Walton shirt, Lakers fans!

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Let your shirt scream LUUUUKE for you!

LUUUUUKE is coming back to STAPLES Center, so we thought it'd be fitting to embrace the new era with a new shirt design in collaboration with Breaking T! We drew some inspiration from a fella' named Luke Perry and are thrilled with how this shirt came out.

Get your very own LUUUKE shirt now!



Get 'em while they're hot using this referral link for BreakingT and grab some beautiful purple and gold attire to add to your collection!

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail which is usually 2-day shipping time in the continental US. Shirt printing will begin over the weekend, with shipping starting next week!

[Editor's note: I do benefit from the sales of these shirts, which is one of the reasons BreakingT is a great partner. I pass along and sign off on ideas, they create great designs, and you guys get some original gear. Everybody wins!]