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Lakers Offseason "News": Lil B says he might put a curse on D'Angelo Russell

Or someone with a similar name.

Respect Mag

One of the darkest points of the Los Angeles Lakers 2015-16 season had nothing to do with the abominable basketball being played on the court. In true Hollywood fashion, the team ended up having off the court drama that wouldn't have felt out of place in a semi-staged reality show.

Everyone knows the story by now: video that D'Angelo Russell had shot of Nick Young admitting to infidelity leaked in March. A week or so later, reports emerged that Russell's Lakers' teammates were 'isolating' him in retaliation for the video, with one anecdotal example involving 16-year old 29-year old guard Lou Williams getting up from a high school cafeteria table table where he was eating breakfast when Russell sat down there.

Things seem to be better in the locker room now, even if Russell has admitted that he doesn't know if he and Young will be 'cool' next year, but it seems like some think Russell hasn't been punished enough:

For those who are unaware, Lil B is a Bay Area based rapper who is best known on the basketball internet for putting a "curse" on Kevin Durant for insulting his music, and then doing the same to James Harden for mimicking a cooking gesture he used in a music video as his signature celebration (No, I'm not kidding. That's really what he's famous for.).

While Silver Screen and Roll was unable to confirm whether or not Russell would still be cursed if his name was spelled wrong (seriously people, it's D'ANGELO RUSSELL, not DEANGELO. It's not that hard.), Russell got some good news a few minutes later:

He should watch out for the warning, but it's unlikely Russell ever films Nick Young again, so he's probably safe.

Welcome to the offseason, people.

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