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Larry Nance, Jr. is planning for the Lakers to make the playoffs next year

The forward also revealed his 2K habits and revealed his hopes to remain in Los Angeles.

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The Los Angeles Lakers' offseason is now in full swing. The team found out they will get the second overall pick in the NBA Draft on Tuesday, and the front office is left to try and figure out which player they will select with it. The team will also have the most cap space in the entire NBA, leaving them plenty of room to attempt to improve the team. Combine these new additions with the Lakers' promising young core and the team will very likely be better next year than they were during the last one.

Larry Nance, Jr. is one of the Lakers' most promising young pieces, and he is doing his part to attempt to improve the team by beginning his offseason workouts very early in the summer. The second-year forward revealed in a late night question and answer session on Twitter that while the Lakers may have missed the postseason for the third year in a row, he believes that the team will be good enough next year to not make it a fourth consecutive time:

Also in Nance, Jr.'s plans? Judging by his tweets, staying with the Lakers for years to come:

That should worry the team's opponents at least a little bit, because the springy sophomore wants to dunk on "everyone" next season, with his unforgettable evisceration of Golden State Warriors' backup center Festus Ezeli serving as a benchmark:

For those of you that don't know, now you know:

Now those are the types of hops that make someone want to play as you in NBA 2K. Or in Nance, Jr.'s case, play as yourself (and add yourself to the starting lineup):

It's safe to assume Nance, Jr. does mean NBA 2K, and not NBA Live, because we must never forget how he looked like a dead-eyed Pablo Prigioni in the latter game:

Yikes. On the bright side, if Nance, Jr. continues to play as well for the Lakers as he did last season, not only will video games not get his appearance so wrong again, but his goal of remaining with the team for years to come will be within reach.

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