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Luke Walton recruiting Brian Shaw to join Lakers coaching staff

Shaw is also being recruited to return to Indiana.

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Update (5/18, 11:59 p.m.): Bill Oram of the O.C. Register spoke to Brian Shaw himself, who says the Lakers have made him an offer to join Walton's staff. "I have some decisions to make fairly shortly," Shaw told Oram. "I have an offer and I have some options."

Oram additionally reports that Shaw, who is living in his hometown of Oakland, may be hesitant to move his family another time.

Original story follows:

Luke Walton is currently finishing up the postseason as an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors before taking over the Los Angeles Lakers' head coaching job. This is an arrangement the Lakers front office is "respectful of," according to David Aldridge of, but it will also leave Walton unavailable to attend the team's pre-draft workouts.

The Lakers received the second overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft lottery on Tuesday night, and Walton being in Los Angeles to supervise the team's workouts is not a huge deal. As our own Anthony Irwin pointed out on Twitter, the team has done just fine without him over the last several years in that department, and Aldridge reports that Walton is receiving video of all of the team's workouts.

However, just because Walton will not be able to attend the workouts in person does not mean he isn't still attempting to lend his aid to the pre-draft process.

Walton is trying to send a "proxy" of sorts to the workouts by recruiting former Denver Nuggets head coach and Lakers assistant Brian Shaw to serve as an assistant coach on his staff., but according to Aldridge, Shaw is not a lock to re-join Los Angeles just yet:

Walton is continuing to try and convince Brian Shaw to join his Lakers coaching staff. But Shaw is also being wooed by new Pacers head coach Nate McMillan for a similar position, according to sources. Ideally, Shaw would serve as Walton's proxy in L.A. during the Predraft workouts.

Shaw was previously reported to be on the "short-list" of candidates to join Walton's staff, and while his previous head coaching stint was a disaster, Shaw has been a part of numerous successful situations as an assistant and would make a great addition to the relatively inexperienced Walton's bench.

One obstacle to Shaw landing with the Lakers was thought to be vice president Jim Buss' reticence to have too many former Phil Jackson disciples with the team, but if Walton is still recruiting him then it would seem that is not as much of an issue as some around the league thought. It's impossible to know what the exact hold-up with Shaw is, but it could be anything from him waiting to see which team makes him a better offer in terms of role with the team or financial compensation.

Alternatively, Shaw could have some affinity for the Pacers' organization, where things ended much more positively for him than they did during his last stint in Los Angeles. Whatever the hold up is, it will likely be resolved more quickly whenever Walton finishes his duties for the Warriors and is able to fully dive in to his responsibilities for the Lakers.

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