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This ultimate fan ran a marathon in a Kobe Bryant jersey while dribbling a basketball


Southern California is filled with people who would consider themselves the biggest Kobe Bryant fan in the world, but very few could claim to match the dedication of one fan running the Orange County Marathon on Sunday:

Now THAT is the type of fandom that Kobe could appreciate/be creeped out by. Because if you're going to be a super-fan, you might as well go all in.

Who is this mysterious hero? Has he been wearing that jersey since Kobe retired almost three weeks ago? Does he dribble this basketball to work? Did he pass the ball?

There are so many questions that we may sadly never answer. One thing is certain, however: this guy is at the very least a top-five Kobe fan ever, right up there with Byron Scott.

Update: his name is Mitch and he finished the marathon!

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