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Bill Walton posts baby picture of Luke Walton to congratulate him on becoming the Lakers' head coach

Los Angeles' next head coach has been wearing yellow for a long time.

The Los Angeles Lakers sent their fan base into an excited frenzy on Friday night with the announcement that they had hired Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton as their next head coach. Walton told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN why the job was a dream come true for him, and his soon to be former bosses in Golden State released statements congratulating him, but one voice remained notably absent from the din of Walton praise.

Earlier in the week, Walton's father, NBA legend Bill Walton, had spoken to a local T.V. station and said that he would advise his son not to take the Lakers job. He also acknowledged that his son might not listen to him, which proved to be the case, but the elder Walton sounds like he is proud of the younger one anyway. Bill took to Twitter on Saturday morning to post a baby picture of his son to congratulate him on his new job:

Two things:

1) Are we allowed to call the Lakers head coach adorable? Is that weird?

2) So Luke has been in yellow since birth. He was born to coach the Lakers.

We don't know much about Walton's tenure, but how many people are excited about it has to be a good sign for him going forward.

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