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Lakers vs. Celtics Preview: Kobe Bryant's final battle with Boston

Kobe Bryant laces 'em up against Boston one last time.

Elsa/Getty Images

There are just seven games left for the Los Angeles Lakers' season, which means seven games left in Kobe Bryant's life in the NBA. It's certainly fitting that one of his final games will be against the Boston Celtics, who visit Staples Center under Kobe's watch one final time.

The Lakers have enjoyed a massive layoff following their overtime victory against the Miami Heat, last playing Wednesday. Julius Randle was hit with a $15,000 fine for his "obscene gesture" following his game-winning shot, but tuning out the noise to the thrill of victory was likely worth every penny.

Boston is wrapping up their playoff push, battling for position with the bottom seeds in the Eastern Conference. The franchise has enjoyed back-to-back 40-win season under Brad Stevens, turning things around in a hurry following the 25-win season that unfolded after breaking up the "Big Three" and Doc Rivers.

Los Angeles is essentially sealed into owning the second-best NBA Draft lottery odds, barring an unexpected winning streak (their largest streak of the season is three, and they've won consecutive games in just three different spurts). The Phoenix Suns have dropped their last five games and could still challenge the Lakers for the spot, though it remains unlikely the end of the season plays out as such.

With only 10 days left, we'll know for sure soon enough. Enjoy every last minute with Kobe you can.

Time: 6:30 p.m. PT


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