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Iggy Azalea saved Nick Young from getting a misspelled back tattoo

"No correct spellings on my back, strictly for typos."

Nick Young has fallen out of favor with fans of the Los Angeles Lakers after two seasons shooting less than 40 percent from the field, but no one deserves to have a misspelled tattoo.

On that front, Young was lucky his fiancee, rapper Iggy Azalea, was looking out for his best interests before he made a mistake with his latest back ink that would have been hard to come back from. Let her explain:


Pics or it didn't happen:

It's like they always say, "true love is having the courage to tell someone they are about to misspell a permanent back tattoo." Or something like that. Although maybe Young was just rebelling against the confines of correct spelling. Ultimate "reble" move.

And Swaggy, you have to work on your spelling before you submit your job application to coach the Lakers next season.

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