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Check out this awesome Kobe Bryant music video

I always yell Kobe when I shoot In the laundry, in the trash can.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant will leave a lot of different legacies behind when his 20-year career comes to a close on Wednesday. Everyone will remember the 81-point game, the five championships, and the legendary work ethic. However, Bryant's biggest impact on basketball culture as a whole may be something else entirely.

We've all done it: You wind up, look at the trash can, maybe throw in a couple pump fakes, and then yell "Kobe!" before firing a crumple up piece of paper, disposable cup, or some other object towards the bin. Sometimes it's a ball of socks into a laundry hamper, or something else entirely, but we've all unleashed our inner mamba when tossing things into various receptacles

In this same spirit, the brilliant and talented Nick Angstadt has put together another one of his awesome song covers about the Lakers. Set to the tune of the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," Angstadt's "Kobe" is a perfect tribute to Kobe's career in a year that's featured so many videos made for that purpose. Featuring some of the best moments from Kobe's career intermixed with a few (poor) imitators, the whole thing is a must watch:

We all always yell Kobe when we shoot.

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