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Kobe Bryant stars in hilarious new Apple commercial

"Get out of my trailer."

With Kobe Bryant's last game fast approaching on Wednesday, tonse of brands are trying to get out commercials capitalizing on the end of one of the most accomplished careers in NBA history. Earlier on Sunday, Nike released an advertisement showcasing the reverence Bryant's fellow athletes have for him, and Apple joined in on the fun with a new ad starring Kobe himself and actor Michael B. Jordan.

In the commercial for Apple TV, Bryant tries to show Jordan how to play a younger version of him in a (presumably fictional, at least for now) biopic on his younger days. Bryant showcases excellent comedic timing in the spot, and if he wants a career in making athlete cameos in movies and TV shows when his playing career ends, that option will be available to him.

If not? Well, he can always stay involved with his business interests, or even just sit back and watch his Apple TV and use the Netflix subscription Dwyane Wade got him.

Here is the full ad:

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