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Kevin Durant only needed one word to describe Kobe Bryant

"The Black Mamba" meets "the Bleep Mamba."

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

By the end of Sunday, Kobe Bryant will have just two games left in his 20-year career. An athlete doesn't attain that kind of longevity without provoking strong opinions from observers, a fact Nike decided to showcase in one of the last ads it will release while Bryant is still active.

The athletic apparel company dropped a new, one minute and 37-second spot with various athletes from a bunch of different sports talking about their memories about Bryant, featuring names like LeBron James, Phil Jackson, Tiger Woods, and many more giving their thoughts on Kobe.

One of the other big names featured was Kevin Durant, who isn't quite done facing off with Bryant. The Oklahoma City superstar will battle Bryant on Monday in the final road game of his career, and maybe that is why he didn't have a whole lot of nice things to say in the ad. Take a look:

From reminiscing about how Bryant wouldn't sit with him at the Olympics because he didn't have rings to calling him an a$$h**e, Durant's straight-faced dry humor stole the show in an ad not short on star power. It was the type trash-talking Bryant himself probably would appreciate more than endless praise, and just another example of why Durant is guaranteed to take over for Bryant with the Lakers this summer after he retires one of Kobe's favorites in the league right now.

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