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A running diary of the Lakers' upset over the Warriors you never knew you needed

The nitty gritty details of a historic Lakers upset.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I was travelling this past weekend to a friend's bachelor party in Cartagena, in what ended up being one of the best experiences I've ever had. We did ,  and probably because I had consumed lots of , we even did ,  and . I flew back Sunday afternoon so I missed the Lakers-Warriors game in real time, and considering I was expecting a 20-point blowout, I wasn't necessarily upset about this.

I did, however, in a complete fluke wear a Lakers t-shirt on my way back home to Los Angeles. We landed from Cartagena to Atlanta where I had a three-hour layover and I immediately turned on my phone to learn about the shocking victory over the Warriors and hilariously I had at least 20 people (airport staff and passengers) come up to congratulate me like I had something to do with it -- and maybe I did! Because I knew I was going to watch this game later, I decided to have some fun with it.

Here is my retro-diary of the Warriors-Lakers game played on Sunday, March 6th 2016.

Before the tip

That feeling when you're still tasting the tequila in the back of your mouth from the night before:

He knew:

11:12, 1st quarter

Lakers fans will recognize this play. It's called the "Hey, I have a smaller guy on me so get me the ball, I am going to launch this three-point shot and if I make it I'm never going to stop taking them" play. He missed:

10:57, 1st quarter

D'Angelo Russell pulls the chair on Harrison Barnes, Hibbert goes to pick up Barnes but D'Angelo stops him and tells Roy to keep running. I loved the smile on Roy's face -- and more importantly, loving D'Angelo's attitude:


10:39, 1st quarter

He also knows.

10:33, 1st quarter

Byron Scott is playing the Extreme Jedi Mind Trick Defense (EJMTD). First, you have to let Steph get wide open, hit a three and have their bench go crazy early in the game. Then, you keep letting Warriors get open and they'll keep missing. I love this strategy and I think it'll work -- sometimes I think we don't give Byron enough credit:

9:46, 1st quarter

Kobe loses his shoe after a made basket, doesn't run back on D leaving a wide open Klay Thompson to miss. Veteran move on Kobe's part, in my opinion -- he knew what was gonna happen.

7:47, 1st quarter

D'Angelo Russell posts Steph up and Steph gets called for a foul. My heart also swoons.

7:36, 1st quarter

"They still know I'm here, right?"

7:23, 1st quarter

The Warriors are so bored by the rest of the league they've decided to contest their own shots. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

5:31, 1st quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

4:27, 1st quarter

"Why would the Warriors ever break up their entire bench just to get Kevin Durant?"

2:46, 1st quarter

Fun sequence. Jordan Clarkson with a nice three.. Steph Curry feels threatened, launches a long three right after Clarkson's make, misses badly. Spotlight too bright for Steph most likely.

1:08, 1st quarter

"So how do I politely reject Phil for a better coaching job this summer? What did you do again?"

0:52, 1st quarter

End of 1st quarter: Lakers 22, Warriors 21

Coaches Interview with Steve Kerr review: That dude is rattled. Naturally.

11:23, 2nd quarter

Beautiful pick-and-roll run by Marcelo Huertas and finished by Brandon Bass. That's all fine, but I don't think they should be straying this far from the Princeton, to be honest.

10:10, 2nd quarter

Kobe re-enters the game after taking off his shoulder wrap to a loud ovation from the Staples crowd. Including the Warriors bench. The lineups out here right now? Lakers: Huertas/Russell/Kobe/Bass/Nance Jr. Warriors: Barbosa/Livingston/Rush/Barnes/Speights WTF

8:20, 1st quarter

Larry Nance Jr with a great sequence. Great defensive energy to get the ball, run out in transition, get an offensive rebound and then set up D'Angelo to make a three-pointer in rhythm. Look how far D'Lo's out past the three-point arc and the time left on the shot clock -- not sure it's tolerable in the pre-Steph Curry era:

7:48, 2nd quarter


7:44, 2nd quarter

"Your hair reminds me of my good friend Paul Spain, keep this up and we can be great friends too Mark Brazil!"

7:21, 2nd quarter

D'Lo 3. I love this kid.

6:54, 2nd quarter

Then a steal from D'Lo, to set up a nice fastbreak finish from Bass.

2:58, 2nd quarter

There was a 43.8 percent chance that neither of these guys would be able to get up after this:

2:42, 2nd quarter - WIRED segment

"Alright guys, we're gonna play hard on defense and offense and man up. Has anybody ever figured out why the hell they hand me a sharpie and this funny board before the TV timeouts?"

2:32, 2nd quarter

"Listen kid, I know this is getting a little cute and all between you and D'Brickashaw, but Mamba's still number one for 18 more games"

1:33, 2nd quarter

BEAUTIFUL pick-and-roll by D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle. Who would've thought?

1:06, 2nd quarter


Halftime - Lakers 60, Warriors 49.

No question that the Warriors were super sloppy, especially at the end of the second half which allowed the Lakers to stretch their lead. At the same time, the Lakers energy was simply en pointe -- the backcourt of Russell and Clarkson made so much happen on both ends.

11:39, 3rd quarter

Back to back EJMTD on Klay Thompson (missed both)

11:12, 3rd quarter

Clarkson hits a fading away three-pointer on a completely broken offensive play ... now the Warriors know how it feels:

11:04, 3rd quarter

Fourth foul called on Draymond Green. He's smart to sit this one out since he knows that once this Lakers team gets going, they simply can't be stopped*

*Politifact has rated this statement "Pants on Fire"

10:41, 3rd quarter

EJMTD! (he missed)

10:32, 3rd quarter

Seriously, how's it goink?

9:42, 3rd quarter

Clearly, the Lakers know how well the EJMTD strategy has worked, so they went all out to do it on this one (he missed):

9:16, 3rd quarter

Loving this weirdly fun rivalry between Draymond Green and Julius Randle. Seems to be good-natured enough, and if Julius really wants to be a star in this league, Draymond's game is one he should do his best to emulate.

6:45, 3rd quarter

Best three-pointer Kobe's taken so far:

6:18, 3rd quarter

I don't know why, but whenever Hubie compliments Clarkson like he just did after his made three-pointer (now 3-for-3) it warms my heart in ways that other broadcasters can't dream of  

4:33, 3rd quarter

Jordan Clarkson now 4-of-4 from three-point land. A reminder that the incompetent Lakers front office sent cash over to Washington for him as a 46th pick.

3:00, 3rd quarter

"My old team would've just fired Steve by now, maybe even at half time. Why don't we try that? Have you ever coached before?"

0:39, 3rd quarter

Dare I say that Marcelo Huertas has been a "catalyst" at the end of this quarter?

End of 3rd: Lakers 84, Warriors 73

At this point, if I'm watching live -- 11 points feels like nothing to me. Steph has been cold, the Warriors really haven't gotten into any sort of rhythm and fouls have essentially taken Draymond out of the game, but the fourth quarter is where he can make his mark. If I'm a betting man, I still have very little confidence that the Lakers can actually pull this off.

11:20, 4th quarter

That feeling when you're constipated as hell but are also playing in a nationally televised professional basketball game

11:00, 4th quarter

Another beautiful pick and roll between Marcelo Catalystas and Brandon Bass leading to two free-throws. Fun chemistry.

10:03, 4th quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

9:34, 4th quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

9:24, 4th quarter

Swaggy P just hit two threes on the Warriors and the lead has now ballooned to 16! Lou Williams must be losing his mind being out of this game.

7:43, 4th quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

7:38, 4th quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

6:36, 4th quarter

EJMTD! (He missed)

6:20, 4th quarter


4:37, 4th quarter

Steve Kerr picks up a tech to dispute a call that should have been called on Jordan Clarkson. Huertas hits the free-throw and the Lakers are up 19 ... holy crap, they might have just done it!

3:23, 4th quarter

Us too, Kobe. Us too.

3:02, 4th quarter

"Man, Riley's going to give me so much crap for this"

1:53, 4th quarter

"Did you see Lebron's tweets though?"

1:35, 4th quarter


Final: Lakers 112, Warriors 95


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