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Lakers vs. Heat Postgame Podcast: LIVE after the game!

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The Lakers had A LOT of adversity to respond to after a brutal beating by the Jazz and off-court noise that took over the news cycle.

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Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade play one last game of hoops together as the Los Angeles Lakers try to recover from the beatdown they took at the hands of the Utah Jazz. There are just eight games left in the season, leaving little time to say goodbye to the Mamba for good. There's also that other story involving D'Angelo Russell that we might find some time to discuss.

The show will go live after the game ends and can be watched in the embedded video below once it's on air, or you can listen to the show in audio form afterward. You can subscribe to our iTunes channel to get all of our podcasts as soon as they're uploaded!

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Hosts: Anthony Irwin, Harrison Faigen