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Video shows Young's accuser likely knew who he was

The video appears to disprove Jones' claim that she didn't know who Young was when she posted the photo.

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Update: 6:00 p.m Tuesday

When reached for comment by Silver Screen and Roll via email, Danielle Gano, Alexis Jones' spokesperson, gave this statement.

"Alexis has spoken with hundreds of athletes throughout her career and did not immediately recognize Nick from the interview she conducted with him over a decade ago," wrote Gano. "However, once her followers identified him, she did recall the interview and immediately wanted to connect directly with him. If she had recognized him in the photo, she wouldn't have posted it. She would have gone directly to the team and to the guys to discuss the matter. "

Original story follows:

A new video surfacing on Wednesday appears to complicate the already convoluted sexual harassment allegations made against Los Angeles Lakers guards Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson. Alexis Jones, the activist who accused Young and Clarkson of harassing her and her 68-year old mother at a stoplight on Sunday, initially claimed to not know who the Lakers were in her original tweet about the incident.

"Help me find out who these guys are! Was just sexually harassed by them and they bailed when I pulled out my phone!!" read Jones initial tweet. She also later wrote in a statement (via Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News) that "if I had known the car that pulled up next to me on Sunday contained athletes, I wouldn't have posted the photo."

Young denied Jones' allegations in a since-deleted tweet, and on Wednesday posted a video on Twitter of Jones doing a video news report on Young and Jordan Farmar, who were at the time playing for USC and UCLA respectively:

While this video does not necessarily mean Clarkson and Young are guiltless in any wrongdoing, it does appear to disprove Jones' claim that she did not know who Young was when she posted the video. What effect, if any, this has on any future lawsuits remains to be seen, but it's another twist in a very strange sequence of events.

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