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Larry Nance, Jr. posts photo of dunk to celebrate Leap Day

The high-flying Lakers rookie celebrates a day with "leap" in the title exactly like you would expect.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a worse season than most thought possible heading into the year, with many saying it can't come to an end soon enough. It has not been without it's positives, most notably watching the game to game development of the Lakers' gaggle of young players including Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, D'Angelo Russell, Anthony Brown, and Larry Nance, Jr. However, while there have been bright moments from that group as well as getting to watch the yearlong celebration of Kobe Bryant's career, the bad has mostly outweighed the good.

Unfortunately for those counting down the days until the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery and the rest of the Lakers' offseason, this is a leap year, meaning that February has an extra day this month. Nance, Jr.took to Instagram to reference the occasion, with the notorious leaper sharing how he probably would have commemorated Leap Day if the Lakers had a game:

While it's a bummer for fans that they won't get to watch Nance, Jr. dunk on some pour soul's head to properly celebrate Leap Day, "Leapin' Larry" aka "Larry Springer" aka "these aren't real nicknames and I should probably stop trying" may just use the extra day off to charge up for something special when the team plays against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night.

Also, Festus Ezeli should probably be happy Nance, Jr. didn't just choose to just post this gif:

Happy Leap Day everyone, from Silver Screen and Roll and Larry Nance, Jr.

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