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Kobe Bryant wanted no part of giving this fan a hug

At least one woman thought the farewell tour included a hug goodbye.

After spending the majority of his career seemingly not caring what NBA fans or the rest of the league thought of him, tKobe Bryant has seemingly embraced the love of fans as much as ever on his farewell tour. Well except, that is, when they literally want to embrace him.

Bryant was coming out of his final game in Memphis against the Grizzlies to a standing ovation, and one woman with courtside seats thought she could sneak a hug in:

NOPE. She even tried again for a second after Kobe sat down, but despite his old age and his defensive instincts declining, Bryant read this offense and was more than ready for it. Note to people sitting courtside for the rest of Kobe's last season in the NBA: he probably doesn't want a hug from you. And given how sweaty he probably is, you probably don't want a hug from him either.

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