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The signed copy of 'Game of Thrones' Kobe Bryant received for Christmas will make you jealous

Vanessa Bryant is the Kobe Bryant of gift-giving.

We all knew Kobe Bryant was a huge fan of the "Game of Thrones" book series from author George R.R. Martin. Or he was at least a fan of the T.V. show.

Either way, his wife got him a Christmas gift any fan of the show and/or novels would surely swoon over:

Why yes, that does appear to be brand new copies of each book in the series inscribed with a personalized message from Martin instructing Bryant to "fly high, burn bright."

The only way this could better is if D'Angelo Russell got a matching set saying "the ice in your veins will bring winter," or something like that.

Also, if there is not some type of "Black Mamba" or other Kobe-esque reference in the next novel I'm going to be very disappointed.

Harrison Faigen is co-host of the Locked on Lakers podcast (subscribe here), and you can follow him on Twitter at @hmfaigen.

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