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Luke Walton was so pissed after being ejected he started stripping at midcourt

He’s mad, bro.

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton has been incredibly animated throughout his first season at the wheel and it was but a matter of time until he got hit with his first technical foul. Things escalated quickly in Sacramento, though, as Walton was so pissed that the referees didn’t call a clear foul when DeMarcus Cousins essentially hit Julius Randle with a Russian leg sweep he wound up getting ejected.

Walton didn’t hold back, walking out onto the court to let the referees know how he really felt about the no-call. Less talky, more watchy:

As for why he was so enraged — and what he had to say after getting tossed — here’s a good look at it:

Watching it unfold you can almost see the stages of fury unfold within Luke. Raw, unbridled fury that he could no longer contain. Disbelief that somehow, Cousins was able to hit his player with a WWE move. Resignation as he walks out after trying to protect one of his own:

Shouts to Jordan Clarkson, who was there trying to calm down things once Walton’s blood started boiling. Sure, the Lakers certainly could use Luke on the sidelines as they try to snap out of their six-game losing streak, but him having Randle’s back means even more than a few quarters of coaching.

See you Wednesday, coach.

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