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Lakers News: Larry Nance, Jr. says the player he most wants to dunk on is Ivica Zubac

Friendly fire in Los Angeles.

Larry Nance, Jr. may have made one of the quickest transitions from “near universally panned draft picks” to “fan favorites” in NBA history. The springy forward's selection in the first round led to a nearly universal outcries of "who?", but quickly had fans chanting his name as soon as he showed them what he could do in Las Vegas.

The love for Nance, Jr.'s game has only intensified from there, and his off the court demeanor has made it easier. He's been a good teammate, and more importantly, has been incredibly witty on social media.

Nance, Jr. took to Twitter for a question and answer session on Thursday night, and answered a variety of queries ranging from his dessert preferences to his restaurant preferences (okay so a lot of them were about food).

There were a few noteworthy answers though, including which NBA player he would most like to dunk on this year:

Just a little teasing everyone's favorite second-rounder, right? Well Nance, Jr. should've known Zubac wouldn't take such indignity lying down:

Rookie move, Ivica. With the magic of (bad) photoshop, Nance, Jr. doesnt even need to be in the same room to dunk on you:

Zubac tried to hit him with the comeback afterwards...

...but he still earned his first ever crying MJ, with equal time as was given to the Nance, Jr. dunk photoshop:

Interactions like this between the young Lakers have this season poised to be far more enjoyable than the last one, and that wasn't the only notable moment of Nance, Jr.'s Q-and-A:

On how D’Angelo Russell functions with ice in his veins:

On what he’d do if he saw a clown:

On if he will dunk on anyone other than Zubac and/or a clown:

On whether In N Out or Five Guys are better:

And lastly, if he care whether or not he comes off of the bench or starts:

For more from Nance, Jr., you can follow him on Twitter at @Larrydn22.

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