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The Lakers had more movement on this practice set than they did all of last season

Passing! Passing everywhere!

Shahan Ahmed, NBCLA/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers’ offense last season could have used a bit more variety. A league-high 10.6 percent of the team’s possessions last season ended in an isolation, according to, and the team was additionally 28th out of 30 teams in percentage of baskets set up by an assist.

It’s important to note that ball movement doesn’t necessarily correlate with offensive efficiency, but it was easy to watch the Lakers offense last season and observe that it would have been better without so much iso-ball.

New head coach Luke Walton evidently agrees, at least judging by what we saw from the Lakers’ practice on Monday. Shahan Ahmed of NBCLA captured some of the end of practice action today as the team returned to their normal facility in El Segundo, and even if the Lakers’ offense only improves marginally this year, it’s certainly going to be a lot more fun to watch:

There were six passes on that first possession, mixed in with more movement and cutting than we saw from the team at nearly any point last year. Yes, it’s five-on-zero. Yes, it’s just training camp and the team still looks slightly stilted. Even so, this is still improvement and worth noting before the team kicks off the preseason against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

Bonus Practice videos

Randle is still working on his shot:

More scrimmaging:

Tarik smash? Tarik Smash!

Just two Lakers’ seven-footers working on spacing the floor:

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