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Lakers Highlights: Ivica Zubac is also an amazing juggler

This coordination from the young seven-footer is truly impressive.

Ivica Zubac has become a fan favorite for the Los Angeles Lakers before his first regular season game. The Croatian seven-footer is brimming with potential on the court, and his quick-witted sense of humor has endeared him to Lakers fans off of it.

It turns out he has even more talents than we thought, as captured by our own Editor-in-Chief, Drew Garrison:

Why yes, that is Ivica Zubac juggling a ball with his feet, soccer style. This *probably* won’t help the Lakers on the court this year, but it does make one wonder what other hidden talents Zubac has. Is he secretly skilled at all sports? Is he planning on trying out for the L.A. Galaxy in his spare time?

We may never get all the answers, but I for one welcome our new skyhook wielding, basketball juggling overlord to Los Angeles.

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