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Lakers News: ESPN's Ireland considering bringing back the 'refrigerator'

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

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As an increasingly ancient Lakers fan, it's beyond me that, somehow, there is anyone, let alone a group of people, who wouldn't know what I'd be talking about if I brought up Chick Hearn's refrigerator. I realize he hasn't called a game in well over a decade, but honestly, that's just poor parenting if you aren't teaching your kids such important Lakers/American history.

If ESPN's John Ireland has his way, we'll get the hear the famous call on the radio once again. Prepare yourself for all the goosebumps.

Before we go any further, here's the call all Laker fans should be required to recite at any given time is fandom is questioned:

"The door is closed. The lights are out. The eggs are coolin'. The butter's gettin' hard and the jello is jigglin'."

You're welcome. Now, pass that along to any uninformed millennial who might need it. We're doing society a favor.

So, on "Locked on Lakers", we spoke to Ireland about the call and this very phenomenon. He explained why some might not know  the call, but then dropped a bomb neither Harrison or I were prepared for:

"... So Mychal (Thompson) and I have talked about bringing (the call) back, and I think I'm going to do it... I don't want to do it until the Lakers get good again, but I want to get the actual clip of Chick saying 'Ladies and gentlemen, this game is in the refrigerator...' and actually play that when we think the Lakers have the game won."

Ireland goes on to explain how he wants to make absolutely sure this is done the right way and honors the legendary broadcaster, which, given his history with the team and own personally history of having grown up a Laker fan, I'm sure Ireland knows exactly how to pull this off.

I'll tell you this: If he is able to pull this off, I will absolutely do what I used to as a kid during national broadcasts that Chick wasn't a part of: I'll mute the TV and listen on the radio to the call that way -- at least the last few minutes where this might actually happen.

Give the rest of the podcast a listen here:

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