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Kobe Bryant takes rookie training literally, teaches Larry Nance, Jr. to sit

Poor Larry.

Being a rookie in the NBA is never easy. From having to play more basketball than they have ever played in their life, to new off-court responsibilities, and even hazing from the team's veterans, rookies have to deal with a lot. In addition, they have less seniority than anyone else on the roster, meaning they get last preference in terms of seats on the team plane or buses to the arena.

However, that usually doesn't mean they have to sit on the floor, but that's what happened when Larry Nance, Jr. was sitting in Kobe Bryant's seat on the bench during the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night. Kobe was sitting out of the game due to a sore shoulder and wanted the seat where Nance was. Evidently the 19-year veteran took the idea of training rookies a little bit too literally, and taught Nance, Jr. to sit... on the floor:

Nance, Jr. knew better than to question Kobe, so you could say he's a quick learner at least.

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